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American Rhododendron Society

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2011 Flower Show

   The Southwestern Oregon Chapter presented a great Rhododendron Show on April 16th and 17th with 268 trusses on display.

Best in Show johnstonianum
Gene Cockeram, associate member from Florence, won Best in Show with this nice truss of the species johnstonianum.

Best Azalea Unknown Pink
Best Azalea was this Unknown Pink entered by Gene Cockeram

Best Madenii Cowbell
The Best Madenii is this Cowbell from Liz Hultin's garden

Best Red Red Majesty
The Best Red is this Red Majesty entered by Norah Roadman

Best Tri-Color Unique Buttery Cream
This Unique Buttery Cream entered by Jack Hackett won the Best Tri-Color Award

Best White Exbury Cal Stocker
This Exbury Cal Stocker won the Best White Award. It was entered by Gene Cockeram

Best Species primulaforum
This primulaforum won the Best Species Award. It came from Ron Prchal's garden

Best Yellow Orange Skipper Chipper
Liz Hultin won the Best Yellow Orange Award with this Skipper Chipper

Best Spray class 850
Best Spray class 850 was won by Gene Cockeram

Show Awards on left side of podium
All of the Awards on the left side of the podium

Awards on right side of the podium
All of the Awards on the right side of the podium