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2012 Flower Show

   The Southwestern Oregon Chapter presented a great Rhododendron Show on April 28th and 29th with 442 trusses on display.

R. spinuliferumBest in Show - R. spinuliferum - Paul Ziegelmair

unknown eastern AzaleaBest deciduous Azalea - unknown eastern Azalea - Dave Collier

unknown evergreen AzaleaBest in Show Azalea - unknown evergreen Azalea - Gene Cockeram

Whidbey IslandBest Lavender cl 29-33 - Whidbey Island - Larry Jensen

Milky WayBest Lepidote cl 44-50 - Milky Way - Candy Baumer

Crater LakeBest Lepidote cl 48 - Crater Lake - Candy Baumer

R. taggianumBest maddenii cl 860 - taggianum - Bob MacIntyre

KW Jim DrewryBest pink rose Yak - KW Jim Drewry - Gene Cockeram

CarmenBest Red cl 24-28 - Carmen - Larry Jensen

R. linearifoliumBest species Azalea cl 470-550 - linearifolium - Ann Drake

R. spinuliferumBest Species cl 560-790 - spinuliferum - Paul Ziegelmair

R. augustiniiBest species cl 781 - augustinii - Ron Prchal

Ruby HartBest spray cl - 850 - Ruby Hart - Gene Cockeram

BodaciousBest tri-color cl 42-43 - Bodacious - Gene Cockeram

Lucy SorensonBest Vereya cl 800 - Lucy Sorenson - Larry Jensen

BabylonBest white cl 14-16 - Babylon - Gene Cockeram

Super DogBest yellow orange cl 34-41 - Super Dog - Ann Drake

Perpetual Sweepstakes AwardPerpetual Sweepstakes Award - Gene Cockeram

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Show judges
Judges - Larry Jensen, Kath Collier, Doug Furr, Mary Furr, Frances Burns, Dave Collier, Gordon Wylie

Judges at workJudges at work on Row 4

Judging row 2Judging Row 2