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Sales are open to members and non-members! Obtaining and growing hard to find plants can enhance your garden and knowledge of plants. There are several opportunities during the year where rhododendrons, azaleas, and occasionally other companion plants can be obtained at various American Rhododendron Society events. This includes: 2018 Plant Sale List -
Look for this in April 2018!

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  • Chapter Meeting Sales and Auctions--There are several small sales and auctions held at chapter meetings. These activities help cover the cost of speakers or generate funds that are sent to support the American Rhododendron Society home office.

  • Chapter Annual Sales--The Chapter sponsors a special sale during each flower show. Typically, hard to find plants are purchased at wholesale cost and brought into the sale from regional growers. We typically bring in over 100 different plants. The plants are nominally marked up and sold to both members and non-members. Shop early as plants go fast.

  • Western Regional Conferences--Western Regional Conferences are held every four years in the area and they also feature plant sales and auctions. The sale for this event is quite substantial and often as large as convention plant sales.  There is also an Eastern Regional Conference that is held on the East Coast.

  • International Convention/Conferences--Two international conference/conventions are held each year by the American Rhododendron Society headquarters. These meetings include Board meetings, flower shows, and plant sales/auctions that are similar to the Western Regional Plant Sale.

  • Online Sales--The American Rhododendron Society offers and online store that includes a variety of materials, references, etc.  All procurements through this site directly benefit the Society as a small percentage of sales are refunded to the society. There are a number of hard-to-find reference books that are available from the store!  See ARS Online Store (www.arsstore.org)
Companion plants
Companion plants can frequently be found in the larger sales and occasionally at chapter meetings.