Images from 2018 Show Acres Mother's Day Exhibits

black eye Rhododendron 'Black Eye' garnered the most ooohs and ahhhs from exhibit visitors!

This cross was created using 'Anah Kruschke' x 'Purple Spendor' is surprisingly ideal for that sunny location. 

Many visitors were excited about coming to our spring show and sale and getting one of their own!

Beautiful day at Shore Acres
Cool and slightly overcast, the day was beautiful for garden talks, photography, and enjoying the company. 

The rhododendrons were in peak form with their dazzling colors and fragrant perfume.
The many deciduous azaleas, like the orange one on the right,  thrilled visitors with their fragrance.

The most common question of the day? "
How to tell an azalea from a rhododendron?"
Stunning!! Pinks drew a lot of praise with many beautiful examples to point to when answering questions such as how big, growing needs, and pruning.  'Blue Peter' and Liz's occidentale hybrid were big hits with visitors as well. 

Visitors were from all over the U.S. and included many from Eastern Oregon and the Eastern seaboard.
Rhododendron 'Elsie Watson'
Deciduous azaleas The answer? All azaleas are rhododendrons, but not all rhododendrons are azaleas...

The exercise.... Now, let's look at the different plants we have here in the exhibit (and thanks to Liz Hult's efforts there was a lot for folks to look at!).

peaceful walk A garden treasure in our own neighborhood!

All photos by Kath Collier

Liz included name tags on the exhibits so that both hosts and visitors could write down their favorite selections.
Name tags on
There were not very many quiet moments to chat about rhododendrons, propagation, and collections during the day. Here Liz Hult and Dave Collier take advantage of a few quiet moments.

Most exhibits were from the Hult garden, with a few additional ones from both the MacIntyre and Collier gardens.
Liz and
              Dave chat during a quiet moment