Images from April 27, 2018 show

Trophy table
The trophy table and awards were stunning to look at.

There were a surprisingly lot of exhibits to choose from (nearly 600) and a lot of tough decisions!

Show bench
Rhododendron 'Mi Amor' is a cross between lindleyi and nuttallii. It will grow to about 6-feet in 10-15 years and sports an open growth habit. The leaves are dark green on top, and grey-green beneath.
The huge fragrant flowers may be nearly 6-inches wide, bell-shaped, white with yellow throat, and set in trusses of about five flowers each.
(Reference: "Greer's Guidebook to Available Rhododendrons" species and hybrids by Harold E. Greer.
Rhododendron 'Mi Amor' - this year's best in show
best in dark tricolor
best of species azalea
Best in cream/yellow (photo by Ray Lee)
Best of tri-color (photo by Ray Lee)
Best in whites (photo by Ray Lee)
Best pink rose (photo by Ray Lee)
Best evergreen azalea (photo by Ray Lee)
Members selecting best floral arrangement
Members getting coaching on floral arrangement selection.  The winners for Line and line mass designs were selected by members present.
              species - r. niveum (photo by Ray Lee)
Plant sales help support educational efforts of the chapter. It is a bit of a 'tricky' process to figure out what might be blooming and sell easily, and those that might not. Typically we bring in well over a hundred different plants and price them with a margin just over wholesale costs. 
Set up for the plant sale (photo by Ray Lee)
Show bench (photo by Ray Lee)
Pete Baumer giving judges instructions (photo by Ray
Trophy judging can be tough, sometimes a small grooming error can make the difference between exceptional exhibits and trophy winners!