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American Rhododendron Society

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2014 Flower Show

   The Southwestern Oregon Chapter presented a great Rhododendron Show on April 26th and 27th with 446 trusses on display.

Best in show -
                  Kathie Jo
Ann Drake won Best in Show with Kathie Jo

Best Decidous
                  Azalea Mandarin Light
Best Deciduous Azalea was won by Pete Baumer with Mandarin Light.

Best evergreen
                  Azalea Bin Morrisson
The Best Evergreen Azalea was won by Sven and Alice Blomquist with Bin Morrisson.

Best Lavender
                  Purple Kathie Jo
The Best Lavender Purple was won by Ann Drake. See Best in Show for the picture.

                      Lepidote Lavendula
The best Lepidote Rhododendron was won by Dave and Kath Collier with Lavendula.

                      maddenii Kallista
The best maddenii was won by Ann Drake with Kallista.

Best pink rose
                  Silver Skies
This Best Pink Rose named Silver Skies was entered by Ann Drake.

Best Red Leo
The best Red was Leo entered by Clair Crisp.

Best species
Best Species was won by Ann Drake with elliotti.

Best spray
                  George's Delight
The Best Spray award was won by Ray and Jan Lee with George's Delight.

Best Tri-color
                  Seaview Sunset
Larry Jensen won Best Tri-color with Seaview Sunset.

Best white Reverend Paul
Reverend Paul was the best white. It was entered by Gene Cockeram.

Best yellow orange Medusa
The best Yellow / Orange was Medusa entered by Pete and Candy Baumer.

Kids awards
Kids awards for entering trusses - Cayce, Kristin, Landon and Toby Train. All received a free rhododendron.

Judges for show
The judges - Kath Collier, Dave Collier, Danny Bones, Doug Furr, Mary Furr and Larry Jensen.